Friday, March 8, 2013

What do you use to make your music?

I primarily use Reason 6 and Cubase 7, which are software Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs).  I click most things in manually with a mouse.  I usually only use keyboards for auditioning samples. My rig is an Intel i7-based workstation with 16 GB 1600MHz RAM, an Intel SSD for the operating system and DAWs, and 2 large Western Digital HDDs in RAID 0 for samples. I back everything up to a Synology NAS and online to Carbonite.

My go-to VST instruments are SpectrasonicsOmnisphere, Trillian, Stylus RMX, EastWest PLAY - Hollywood Strings, Brass and Woodwinds, anything by Native Instruments but particularly Battery and Kontakt, Damage, Phaedra, Rob Papen PredatorSylenth, Synthmaster and Plogue Chipsounds.

I currently run 2x HP ZR30w Displays at 2560x1600 each, and monitor on KRK VXT8's. I have a few guitars but my only notable one is the Fender VG, which I record through a Line 6 POD XT. My audio interface is a Steinberg UR28M, and I also use Steinberg's awesome CC121 controller (with motorized fader and AI knob! It's crazy good.)

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  1. Cool blog. I enjoy your music and am looking forward to learning more about you here. Just picked up Reason myself, what a great piece of software. Writing music on the computer is actually enjoyable now.