I'm Danny Baranowsky and I live in Kirkland, Washington with my amazing girlfriend Kim and my warrior-poette of a dog, Yoshi. I currently make a living writing video game music. I had toyed with writing music as a young child and occasionally through junior high and high school but got serious about it when I was about 18. I started by doing video game remixes for OCRemix, where I eventually became a judge and contributed several remixes to the site's portfolio.

Following the success of Semi Secret Software's Canabalt in 2009, I was able to finally realize my dream of writing music full time as a career. Soon after, I did the music for Super Meat Boy! by Team Meat. Canabalt and Super Meat Boy! helped me gain some notoriety in the indie game scene, and I've worked on several indie game soundtracks over the years. I created new arrangements of the music from Cave Story for Cave Story 3D on Nintendo 3DS, then wrote music for Edmund McMillen's The Binding of Isaac. I also wrote the music for Semi Secret Software's Hunger Games - Girl on Fire iOS game. I worked on the soundtrack for Desktop Dungeons with the legend himself, Grant "Effing" Kirkhope.

I'm currently working on the soundtracks for Crypt of the Necrodancer and Drifter. But you probably didn't come here to read my dumb words. Go to dannyBmusic.com and check out a bunch of free and not so free tunes! I am also on most major digital music stores like iTunes, Amazon and Spotify. Just search for Danny Baranowsky!

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