Friday, October 2, 2015

Regarding my Super Meat Boy soundtrack

Hey guys!

Many of you have probably already seen the news, but my soundtrack for Super Meat Boy will not be in the PS4/Vita versions. This is because I no longer have a working relationship with Team Meat. You may also know that I did not do the soundtrack for The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. I made a decision a couple years ago to end my working relationship with them for many reasons that don’t really need to be listed here. I apologize for any disappointment this may cause my fans.

I’ve heard rumors that there were creative differences between us; this is not true, or at least was never communicated to me.

I own all the rights to my music, and Team Meat approached me to license the music for the PS4 and Vita versions. I didn't feel like the license fee and exposure through PSN they offered was enough to make me seriously consider accepting the deal. I decided to decline their offer. I wish them and the new artists the best of luck with the game.

I genuinely appreciate all the outreach from fans today. I love you guys!



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  2. Whoops didnt mean to delete that. Anyways! Standing up for what you think your art is worth! #respect

  3. Thanks for being open and honest about your reasoning! I'm gonna miss the hell out of your music in the PS4/PS Vita version, even with awesome people filling in for it. But I highly admire your decision to do what you feel is best for your art.

  4. I am a huge fan of your music Danny, especially your soundtrack for super meat boy. There was a perfect synergy between the art style, the gameplay, and your music that made the entire experience truly great. The fact that you refused to license your music for this re-release of smb for whatever reason was nothing but a disservice to your fans and to the fans of the game. Simply it was selfish.

    1. How do you know it was selfish? You don't know this. For all you know they just wouldn't offer him any new amount of money and expected him to work 'for favors' since they helped him get where he is today. Can you imagine someone coming into Subway and asking you to make them a sandwhich for less than minimum wage, just because you were the one who helped get them the job? Stop expecting artists to be starving. I don't know what happened either, but unless you are Danny, or one of the other two guys, I'm guessing you don't really know enough.

      Also, use my same example again but throw in the phrase "for the fans of your work." Fans are great. But you shouldn't do anything just because it's 'for the fans', you gotta stand up in this business of people will walk over you forever.